Tuesday, May 22, 2007

lesson in food

If I never eat Kraft Easy Mac again, it will be too soon.

Y'all know that I eat mac & cheese for lunch every single day. I love it. However, I don't love all mac & cheese. I love Annie's. Trader Joes is ok too. But Annie's has a microwavable pack that I can bring to work, very much like Kraft Easy Mac. It's delicious. It makes me rub my tummy and float in the air like that cartoon dog, Snuffles.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Recently I couldn't make it to TJ's or even Whole Foods to buy my normal Annie's. I had the regular box kind, but I'm very lazy and would rather microwave something at work than cook 3 days' worth of food and keep it. So I ran to the local ghetto superstore. They have Kraft Easy Mac*. I bought it. I brung it to work. I cooked it.

The yellow powder ("cheese") looks like sawdust shavings from a pencil factory. It takes 30 seconds longer than Annie's to cook. I'm a busy gal - I only have a 1/2 hour for lunch. I need those 30 seconds. The "cheese" gets all melty and stringy. It looks and tastes like dog vomit - the kind that would happen if a small dog ate pencil shavings and then threw them up into a microwavable bowl filled with water. It made my stomach hurt in ways that are entirely unnatural and uneased by all sorts of medicine. It leaves a horrible bitter taste in the mouth (again like what I imagine pencil shaving-dog barf tastes like) that can't be quelched with even the strongest mints. In fact, thinking about it makes me want to throw up a lot.

Lesson learned: Don't eat Kraft Easy Mac. Only eat Annie's.

*They have very very recently started carrying Annie's, but not the microwavable kind yet.

ps - Annie's website has the best t-shirt ever, a picture of a rabbit butt that says "push tail to open" just like on the boxes of mac & cheese. But they only have size XXL right now and that's multiple boats too big.


Jbeeky said...

I love Annie's anything. They are in my hometown, Wakefield. Everything they make is good. How is the hair?

super des said...

I love all of Annie's stuff too.

Hair? My hair? Fine...
I haven't taken a picture yet.

viciousrumours said...

My son LOVES the Kraft Easy Mac....well actually he just loves mac and cheese, but he eats the easy mac. I can't see how he eats the stuff myself. We recently replaced it with the Annies. Odd coincidence, don't cha think?

super des said...

Kids'll eat anything, but I'm glad that you made the switch.

Suzanne said...

I recommend not pushing tails on actual rabbits. Enormous amounts of turds will flow, not delicious mac and cheese. I'm just saying.

super des said...

So it's like a button?

# #