Tuesday, May 29, 2007

headaches bad

Maybe it was caused by a long weekend of fun, including things like karaoke, picnics in the park, and Dick Dale concerts. Maybe it was caused by a day spent shopping in SoHo. Whatever the cause, standing in Trader Joes I suddenly became miserable with the beginnings of a migraine. I tried drinking fruit juice. I tried drugs. Nothing helped.

Lucky for me, the TJ system involves me standing in line with the cart while Craig darts around the store for things that we need. I just needed to remember who I was standing behind, and follow her as we slowly walked around the store. It involves no thinking, which is super because headaches severely damage my ability to think. This is evidenced quite clearly by my missing the train to go home because there was a big crowd that involved people yelling in my ear and some foreign old man asking me a question that I wouldn't have understood had I been able to think at all. Add this to the fact that the crowd hid Craig so I couldn't see him, and you get me waiting on a deserted platform for the next train that may or may not come. (Craig couldn't come get me because he was laden with 2 heavy grocery bags, but lucky for me he waited at the next stop, where we have to transfer trains anyway.)

Eventually my headache dissipated enough for more fun, including a rousing bout of MarioKart and tasty dinner with my friend Eric, who brought me an awesome old typewriter. Nothing for the rest of the night involved me thinking, especially the part where I fell asleep on the couch. I didn't even have to put effort into making my lunch because we had lots of leftover pasta salad that was easily fit into tupperware for easy transport to work.

Then this morning, I got another headache. Yay. It was more annoying than cumbersome until I got to work and had to semi-think. (Even though it did make me forget to mail the 3 things I brought with me specifically to mail, including a necklace, the electricity bill, and a bday card for my mom.) Then of course as soon as I sit down at my desk - computer not even turned on yet - someone comes and asks me a stupid question. I gave him the stare that said "I have no idea what you're talking about and I don't care because I have a headache and you're not helping one bit" and sent himm to someone else. I would have done that anyway because of course he was asking me something that has nothing to do with my job, but it took longer because of the brain damage. Then he came back and said "I'll just wait while you print this out." I gave him the above stare again and said "Are you asking me to print this for you even though you never said that and could easily do it yourself?"

The headache must have shown in my voice because even though he still made me print it, he said "Sorry to bother you." So hopefully he won't do ti again. Ever. Meanwhile, I'll sit here not working, and eating my trusty CCEBs hoping that someday I'll be able to think again without my skull collapsing in on itself. Besides the fact that they are doing construction (i.e. drilling and jackhammering) right on the other side of my wall.

ps - Hope y'all had a nice long weekend. I'll write more about the Dick Dale concert later because that needs its own blog.


Brillig said...

Ohhhh, it sounds miserable. Would it be impossible to take the rest of the day off? Go have a nap? Yuck. I hope you feel better.

super des said...

Thanks Bril.
I am feeling better now except for the stupid normal work stuff that I am really resisting writing another blog-plaint about.

Cherann said...

what is cceb? It sounds like you had a fun weekend (minus the headaches).

super des said...

CCEB is Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. That's what I have at work instead of yucky work-coffee.

MsLittlePea said...

You poor thing. I hate those kind of headaches. I get them when I don't drink coffee.

super des said...

Ooh! Caffeine addict!

flutter said...

I am a migraine sufferer, too baby. I so totally get what you're talking about. It sucks

Suzanne said...

I felt like shit today too. Col or allergies. bah.

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