Tuesday, June 13, 2006

yay friends

My dear friend Krista wrote a very sweet blog regarding yours truly, and because I'm selfish and vain (and tomorrow is my bday) I want you all to read it.

"I love rock N' roll" a blog dedicated to the one and only "Des Chicky"
Current mood: drained
I was on my way to work this morning listening to my FAVORITE radio station which just happens to be "The Flash"92.1 "All 80's all the time" when the morning DJ played one of my all time favorite songs " I love rock n' roll" by Joan Jett and all of a sudden a feeling of saddness swept over me, and I thought " what the hell,? this song has never made me sad, what is wrong with me?" and then it hit me! This song makes me think ofmy friend Des. For those of you who don't know,she and I used to carpool together when we worked at ********* (sorry the name of the place has no right to appear in this blog) and we worked together for 7 tourcherous years at Longs Drugs. The song made me realize how much I really do miss her. We used to have fun together, like when we would go to kareoke night at the "G street pub" or; making fun of co-workers we didn't like or MOVING (yeah, that is always a joy) OR hanging out at her house playing "Super nintendo"or board games (ie: trivial persuit....by the way, never play this game when your drunk, no one wins. Although it is a lot more fun!) Needless to say, I miss my Des Chicky! Not that I didn't miss her before, I just never realized how much I did until today. Funny how a song can do that to you.
Anyway, I just need to share this with all of you, and Des if you read this, I hope I can come visit you soon!

It makes me sad & happy at the same time.

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