Monday, June 05, 2006

when good soy milk goes bad

Saturday is a good day to sleep in. You don't have anywhere to go, so go ahead & enjoy some coffee with your nice, leisurely breakfast. It's thunderstorming like a mad wizard, so the coffee is a go.

You might notice that you have some chocolate soy milk left, so you put it in your coffee. Before you even finish your one cup, you start to feel very ill. After what seems like decades of being very sick, you try to think of why you would feel this way. This is a difficult task because just the mere thought of food makes you want to retch all over the house. (Luckily, there is no actual retching involved.) You are glad that you can't smell your neighbor's cooking as much as usual.

After some tummy medicine and a nap that you weren't aware you needed, you feel much better. Comparing notes with your breakfast mate, you come to the conclusion that the only difference in your breakfasts was what was in the coffee. He is not sick and you are.

Well, you have had that soy milk for a while....

As you pour it down the sink, you notice that it is taking a bit longer to drain than normal. That's not a good sign. The next day you try the coffee experiment again, this time with the new soy milk, and you are not sick. You win the prize for Sunday, but not for Saturday.

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Suebob said...

I don't drink milk solo, but the milk in my coffee has got to be the moo juice. Soy milk just doesn't do it for me.

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