Monday, June 05, 2006

I love rock 'n roll, part 1

I'm excited. Tonight I'm going to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts on the 1st night of their tour to kick off their new cd (which comes out tomorrow). I would go to the other 3 shows in NY this week, but CBGB sold out right away and I can't afford to spend $40 more on just myself going to the Brooklyn shows.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Hate In The Box, if I can persuade someone to go with me. Both shows promise to be a'rockin! I won't stay at this one too long because even though there are 1/2 price drinks, if I stay too much past the 1st set then I'll certainly not be having fun at work on Wednesday. Maybe it's because of the 1/2 price drinks that I won't have fun on Wednesday.

I figure I need some sort of weeknight stimulation because I certainly have none during the weekday (work, yuck) and my weekends are pretty low-key.

Joan Jett will be only my second big concert since moving to NY. The first was Rasputina on Halloween, coincidentally at the same place I'm seeing Ms. Jett tonight. (Can I help it if there is a direct subway line from my house to the Bowery Ballroom?) I've only been to a couple of local shows, even though I would like to have gone to more. Damn that no money!

So all I can think about is Joan Jett. And, if anyone wants to go with me to HITB, let me know!

I'm sure there will be a follow up blog explaining the great time I had at these shows.


gandhi rules said...

So that's where you are rabbit. I hope you've had a great time. Is she hot as ever? Straight girl point of view of course.

super des said...

oh yeah.

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