Tuesday, June 06, 2006

some things

Guess what? I'm bored at work.

Here are some things I felt I needed to mention, but not write a whole blog about.

1) I still love chocolate covered espresso beans. They wake me up, and the chocolate puts me in a good mood for work. Only the stupidest of stupids can bring me down. I heart drugs.

2) After my bat tattoo (bat-too) I will get a penguin. Probably on my shoulder. I require all my tattoos to have wings - faerie, bat, penguin, etc. My roses don't have wings, but they have leaves, and everyone knows that leaves are really plant wings. If I decided to get a tiger, it will have to be some sort of freak-tiger that has wings. I might hold off on that one.

3) My allergies kicked in today. I need to start remembering to take allergy medicine every day, but I'm really bad at that.

4) I got my new CA driver's license yesterday, thanks to my dad. It's yellow, but it no longer says "provisionary until age 21" on it. This is good because I will be 25 in 8 days. I don't want a NY license for purely egocentric reasons: My CA license has a the best picture on any driver's license in the world. I'm not just being overly vain, either. Everyone I show it to says "That's the best driver's license picture on any driver's license in the world." Plus, now the picture is several years old, and will be even older when I need to renew it again in 2011. That's so far off, it's a sci-fi date.

5) There is a little cat that lives in my neighborhood, and I think is a stray. I was very worried about him in the winter, but Craig saw something the other day to dissuade my fears:
This tiny cat caught a pigeon. He was carrying it in his mouth and the bird was almost as big as him. My cat is about 3 times the size of tiny-cat, whom I will now rename Tough Cat, and Mecru couldn't catch a pigeon if both wings were broken and it had a mental disorder. Kudos to you, tiny-cat. I mean Tough Cat. (Either way, it's TC for short, like on Magnum P.I.)


gandhi rules said...

You'll have to show me your drivers license Saturday.
I'm glad little kitty got a pigeon. I thought the story might end badly and I don't do well with bad animal stories.

Mama Duck said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate covered espresso beans.....

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