Thursday, May 11, 2006

penguins and pizza

My dream last night featured penguins. I love penguins. After my dream, I have a little less reason to love them.

I was in dream-Fresno at the dream-Fresno zoo. Actually I was sitting outside the zoo. A penguin somehow burrowed out and popped out on the street. "How cute" we all thought. Then more penguins started coming. They broke down the gates and filled the streets by the thousands. We still thought they were cute. We tried to pick them up and hug them, but they bit us. Then more started biting us. So we ran to a stump and got slightly off the ground so the penguins couldn't get us. I got a long stick (really like one of those collapsable-telescoping fake lances that you get at the fair) and began to poke the penguins in the head. Not hitting them, just trying to get them away from us.

When all the penguins were gone, I had to deliver a pizza for some reason. Some girl that I don't even know kept calling the pizza place, but they didn't answer the phone. It dawned on me later that they were closed. Nevertheless I took it upon myself to get a pizza to her. I don't know where I got the pizza, but it was boxed and ready to go. I think the pizzeria people got tired of this girl calling.

So I take her the pizza, and she wants to pay by credit card. Since I don't actually work for the pizza place, I have no way of charging a credit card. She doesn't have any cash, so she asks me if "we" take checks. "Probably not," I said, because most pizza places don't. But then I looked at the box, and it did say they took checks. Cheques too. Apparantly it was a multi-national pizzeria, making deliveries to the US AND Canada. She wrote me a check and I slid it under the door of the pizzeria. (I'm so honest.) Then I met up with a couple of old friends that I haven't seen in real life in years, but recently re-discovered them.

That's that.

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