Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm tired of complaining about work. I know it's not interesting to anyone, especially me, so I will stop. Unless something really amazing happens - like the time a coworker asked if it was weird to wear a coat, since I was from CA. I'm still not over that one.

So now I will complain about my cat. I don't want to turn into an old spinster that only talks about my "child," but sometimes it needs to be done.

Last night the cat intermittently slept at the foot of the bed. I was already hot and sleeping barefoot and blanket-less. Every once in a while my feet would hit something warm and fuzzy. You don't want this on a hot "night" when the sun is already starting to come up. So I would pull my feet up close to me, curling up in a ball. You don't want this either because then your own body heat makes you even hotter. So I would try to find a happy medium between my feet and the cat. Mecru didn't seem very happy about it either, but not angry enough to leave. He was sleeping, dammit!

This is a different problem than in the winter when he sleeps directly on my face. Then I want the warmth. We both do. But soon the cat will give up his practice of sleeping on the bead altogether and retreat to his tower for the night. The upside to this is that at least he won't steal my pillow anymore.

Until it starts cooling off again....


belledame222 said...

Heh. My little fuzzy bugger has developed a rather distressing habit of playing Hump The Hostess when I'm in bed and lying on my side, sometimes. He has been neutered since kittenhood: so, why now, I do not know. mostly it consists of him scrabbling to get a foothold; it feels like he's logrolling or something.

super des said...

ew, that's much worse.

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

Bell- love this. I have a cat who does this to my ex. He'll race up her arm, turn with his ass in her face and try to hump her shoulder.

# #