Wednesday, April 05, 2006

mouse adventures

I was just thinking what would happen if a mouse ran over my foot. I would barely feel it, but then I would glance down casually and see a mouse on my foot. I would be startled and involuntarily jerk my leg. The mouse would fall to the ground and run away. He would then go back to his little mouse hole, wherever that is, and tell his little mouse friends about how he was almost killed. Luckily, he cheated death by using his cunning little mouse intellect. He wouldnt want to bore the others with details, so he would keep his story short. Leaving them guessing at the specifics. Thats pretty good work for a mouse.

I, however, would tell everyone I know about how I was almost killed by a mouse. I barely escaped to freedom because the mouse was slow and stupid, and thus easily distracted by shiny things. Luckily I had a shiny thing on me. I threw my ring near him, and darted off when he went to catch it. I think I will be able to get my ring back tomorrow, because the mouse didnt know he couldnt carry it home. I am not worried about people being bored with details, so I will describe the event with meticulous thorough-ness.

The fact is, there are no other mice or people around, so who's to say which is the truth?

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eve said...

I had a dream about tiny mice, smaller than my thumb, everywhere. It was cute but also scary. Thanks, Des.

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