Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Des no sleep

So I've given up sleeping. I'm not sure why. My body just decided that I didn't need to spend 1/3 of my life sleeping. Apparantly, I've had enough.

If I was smart I'd use this time for something constructive. I'd make more jewelry or write something. Do something that will one day earn me money. But instead I whittle my time away watching Simpsons episodes that I've seen 28,969 times and checking my email every 5 seconds. It would be something if I got new email every 5 seconds, but alas and alack, I do not. I'm excited if I get 1 email a day. Yet I keep on checking.

If I were to write something suitable for publication, what would it be? I obviously have no problem putting words on paper, as this is my 5th blog of the day (and today was a busy work day). Just imagine what I could do if I was allowed all the free time I could ever want. Well, I know what I would do. I would go insane. It might make the writing go better, but I might not be aware enough to enjoy it.

I have written several parts of short stories. I soon lose interest and move on. Maybe I should figure out a way to make all my scattered writings into one cohesive whole. Now that would be an interesting story. Probably long enough to make a whole novel, too.

So now I think I'll do that laying-in-bed-not -sleeping thing. I can fall asleep; it's not insomnia. I just don't feel the need to sleep. My body is not tired, and I can go to work in the morning fresh as a daisy. Well, as fresh as a daisy that's kept in a stifling office with very little real sunlight or water, and is slowly trampled to death.

Soon my friend will be here, and even though I still have to go to work a little bit, I'm sure I will be up late actually DOING stuff. Maybe that's just what I need. 10 days of raucus hedonism to get my grown up body back to it's normal draggy, caffeine needing self. By the way, I'm still drinking coffee in the mornings, purely out of habit. I never make my coffee that strong anyways, and I'm not addicted to caffeine, but coffee sure was super in the cold cold mornings. Now the mornings are slightly less cold. If I give up coffee, I guess I could save $6 a month. Then I could pretend to buy more pink polka dotted shoes.

You can tell I should be sleeping because I am starting to ramble. Yes, starting to. I don't usually ramble. But, Craig is asleep already, and the cat is asleep already (big surprise there), so I am the only one awake. Even my neighbors have stopped blasting their crappy music.

Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post--inspired me to take my scattered thoughts and short stories--and maybe weave them into something cohesive--Maybe is the key word

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