Wednesday, March 29, 2006

voice of Scootey

"I'm Des' car. Somehow I found out that Des confirmed the order today to ship me across country. So in protest, I won't start. Even though I only need to move 15 feet, directly across the street, no go. I think my battery might be dead, for no good reason. My lights weren't on. But when Des tries to save herself $45 in parking tickets, I will stay put."

Rebuttal from Des:
"Hey Scootey, I also found out today that someone read the other blog and volunteered to drive you all the way back. That's not confirmed yet, but that would be fun wouldn't it? If you feel like driving again we'll work something out. That's way better than being on some stupid ol' truck, right? You just need to start tonight so I can move you, and then in a few weeks you will be on your way! The only reason I don't drive you around here is because I don't want anything to happen to you."

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