Monday, March 13, 2006


i'm all by myself. i'm a bachelorette. i've been temporarily ditched for baseball, sunshine, and the beach. that's right, craig is in florida for spring break. i'm still here, because those of us that have to work for a living (and pay for our boyfriend's spring break trips) don't get spring break.

there was this guy i kept seeing all day. we were in the same subway cars to and from work, he worked in the same building as me, on the same floor, and we were in the elevator at the same time going to & from work. if this was the movie "i heart huckabees" then i would hire some weirdos to find out what it all means. i think it means that this guy and i should be friends. he seemed cool enough, judging on how we didn't talk or look at each other.

i got a parking ticket. i forgot to move the car, and remembered only as i saw the car sitting on this side of the street as i was leaving the house for work (5 minutes late). it's only $40. guess i can handle it. it didn't matter that i left for work late because the f train didn't come for many moons. so i was late to work by 13 minutes. but a coworker rides the same train, and as we got there at the same time, we could verify each other's alibi. not that we needed to. no one even cares.

i saw a mouse at work. this one wasn't stuck to a glue trap, so no screaming was involved. it ran in front of me as i was walking in the shop. it was small but it had a fat butt. i thought it was cute. i was all by myself, so nobody else saw it to verify that it was indeed cute.

i got my pretty dress that i won on ebay. that was fast. i haven't tried the dress on yet, but it looks like it will fit. i do need to stop buying black dresses though. expand the rainbow. but i only have black dress shoes, so more colored dresses will also mean more colored shoes. i think i'm ready to take that step.

now i need to do the dishes so that i can eat my mac & cheese. part of the reason i miss craig even though he only left this morning is that he feeds me well. when he's gone, i eat only annie's mac & cheese (delicious as it may be). when he's here, we actually eat meals that require preparation, planning, and, um, plooking. you see, i've gone delirious with hunger. and i was reading about scientology so that i wouldn't look like a fool on ariel's myspace blog. but i got my facts straight.

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