Friday, March 24, 2006

thrift stores

So all this talk about me going shopping has gotten me all wistful. There was once the best thrift store ever. Some of you Fresnans might remember it: it was on the corner of Palm & Olive in the Tower District. It was the kind of store you could go to with $10 cash, and come out with 5 heaping bags of clothing. Then you could go next door and get Chinese food & donuts in the same store.

My friend Holly and I used to frequent this store. We bought all our clothing there. I still have a few choice items that I bought like 10 years ago from that store.

One day, Holly and I were doing our normal weekend thing. That meant going to that store. As we drove up Palm, we approached the gas station on the other sideof the street and noticed something was amiss. Instead of a giant warehouse-style thrift store, there was now a big pile of rubble between 2 walls. Our store had fallen down.

And I never bought clothes again.

So you see now why it is so important for me to find a good thrift store. I need to relive my high school days. Or, just the high school weekends.

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