Friday, March 24, 2006

man, I'm bored

Just to see what would happen, I googled the word "google."

It had this many responses:

I didn't look at any of them.

What happens when you google your name? I have to put my full name in quotes, or else all the other Des / Desiree's of the world come out. Then I get one response. But it actually does refer to me.

Thanks to Krista for that.

When I google Craig's name, he is either a famous soccer player, or a fat lawyer in Phoenix. Wow, it's like looking into the future!

The cat's name (Mecrutio) brings up 375 results. Most of them are the Romeo & Juliet character (MERcutio) spelled wrong, but apparantly there is some guy with this as a screen name, and is quite active in forums. I'll send the cat to take care of that.

"Fibby Mcgee" brings up 4 results, all some crappy forum obviously full of teenage vidiots that can't spell. Well now it will bring up 5. So there.

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