Wednesday, March 29, 2006


So far today I’ve been told I look like a Scottish person, a catholic schoolgirl, and Mary Poppins. This is supposedly because I’m wearing a plaid wool skirt and a brown sweater. It’s an outfit I have worn many times before, and I call it my “old lady outfit.” Just for the record, I am none of these things.

I almost became a purse-snatcher this morning. I didn’t want the money; I wanted the actual purse. Some lady had a brown plaid purse (I’m sure it was designer) and it would have matched my outfit perfectly. Now, I’m not the type to match my purse with my outfit. I use a purse for a while until I get sick of it. Then I get a new one. But this purse looked like it was cut from the same fabric as my skirt. Even though I would have given the contents of the purse back, I think the lady still would have been upset. The purse matched her outfit too, but not as well as mine. She probably did that on purpose.

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