Thursday, March 23, 2006

ode to my shoes

Today I'm wearing my brown shoes. Not only are they my brownest shoes, they are also my loudest. I feel incredibly important as I "clop, clop, clop" down the hallway or the sidewalk.
I bought these shoes a few years ago, and even though they are Italian suede, they do not violate any sort of vegan thinking because I bought them used in a thrift store for $4. No additional cows died for me to have shoes.
They are good shoes. Not too uncomfortable. I can wear them all day without complaining. Unless I'm wearing thick socks. Then my toes get squished, and I do tend to complain about that.

Speaking of shoes, I saw the ugliest shoes ever. They looked like normal green Converse hi-tops at first glance. Then I noticed they were a bit higher than normal. And the round rubber toes were very pointy. And there were at least 3 inch - stiletto heels. Puke-atronic.

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