Friday, March 24, 2006

hey new yorkers

i want to go thrift store shopping (or "vintage clothing shopping") this weekend. i need recommedations for good stores, as i haven't shopped here yet.

and, if you want to come along, heck, we'll make a day of it.


Mandy said...

in manhattan: goodwill superstore on 5th ave and 135th street (but it may be closed?)

in brooklyn: the goodwill in the fulton street mall is excellently excellent, don't remember the exact address but it's not hard to find. the thrift store across the street from brooklyn brewery in williamsburg has insanely nice/hip/hipster clothes, including a frightfully large selection of western-type button down shirts, but you have to bat away all the undernourished hipster to get to it. apparently there is a thriftland u.s.a. across the street from me (at knickerbocker and grattan, 2 blocks from morgan stop on the L) but i haven't really been there yet. it's a little cousin to the great thriftland u.s.a in the south bronx.

in the bronx: thriftland u.s.a. massive, great if you want 5 purple Members Only jackets to go with your white hi-top sneakers. just south of yankee stadium i think at around 145th and grand concourse/jerome? see "in brooklyn."

eve said...

Oh! Go to Andy's Chee-pees. Somewhere on Broadway in the village. It has great clothes that are way overpriced, and its owner is an insane racist!

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