Wednesday, February 17, 2010

v-day recap

My Valentine's Day was good. Jay and I both had to work all day. I worked a double because I only have half days this week. It's nice to be but by noon, but my bills are crying loudly. The second half of my day I was working as a cashier, and with the combination of a consumerist holiday and the threat of more snow (and because people in Asheville are retarded) it was stupid busy.

When I left work I was completely exhausted, but I opened my front door to find a beautiful candlelight dinner. Jay had gotten takeout from Outback, so I had a yummy chicken salad to nom while he had a big fat steak. We left the tv and computers off and out of sight, and had good "us" time. Really it was no different than any other day, except for the candles.

He didn't have to do anything for V-Day because it's not a big deal to me, and he knew that, but he did something anyway. And that's why I love him. He makes all my worries go away, at least temporarily, and that makes my heart smile.
/cheesy sap
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