Sunday, January 17, 2010

wish me luck!

In my quest to make more money, I was looking on craigs*list for waitressing jobs that I could have in addition to my day job. One said that a new restaurant would be hiring people Saturday from 12-2pm ONLY. It also said no emails or phone calls. "New York attitude a plus."Well I was feeling ballsy, so I emailed the guy anyway. I explained that I couldn't make it on Saturday because I'd be at my day job, but I'm great with people and, let's face it, not too bad to look at. And New York attitude? Yeah I got that. Lived in Brooklyn for 3 years to earn it too. I also pointed out that it should say something about my character for not bailing on responsibilities like work. (I was much more eloquent in the email, of course.)

I wasn't really expecting anything of it, but he emailed me back asking if I could meet him Monday. Hellz yeah I can! So tomorrow I'm going to come home from Day Job, cute myself up a bit, and hopefully go get myself a night job! Even if I only work 1 or 2 nights a week, it would help. Waitressing can be hard work, but I'm great with people, so I'm looking forward to those tips. And who knows? I might get hired and make more money there than I do in my day job and so switch over to that full time.

But we'll see. I'll let y'all know how it goes tomorrow. Wish me luck!


mar said...

good luck!
my friend just started a 2nd job, waitressing at place she used to work at 10 years ago when she was in college. good nights & bad. i know i can't hack it as a server. too much of a misanthrope.

super des said...

I'm going on the hope that people will generally be in a good mood, whereas they are not when I see them now.

Average Jane said...

Best of luck!

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