Saturday, November 21, 2009

For those in the know!

So the anniversary follow-up will have to wait.

I just met, hung out with, and caught a super-secret show by the lovely and talented Miss Amanda Palmer. For those not in the know, she is totally super awesome. And it all came about through the magic of twitter. Basically Amanda was en route from a show in Chapel Hill to Knoxville, and Asheville is exactly in the middle. She played a show here last year (before I moved here) and thought it was cool enough to stop off again. I happened to sign on to twitter just before 3pm, randomly, but it was right after a friend of mine had posted that Amanda would be here. Since that particular friend lives in FL, I can't help but think he posted that just for me. And thank goodness that he did. Jay and I were out the door in a few short minutes.

There were about 30 people waiting in the park. One woman walked up and sat down, and I was like "is that her?" Then that girl waved to everyone, and stood up and started playing the ukelele. This woman:

However, the nearby construction was very noisy. Luckily there was a fan there who worked at a nearby bookstore / coffeeshop, and volunteered that place for the rest of the show. So we headed over as a mob, stopping to listen to another street musician. Amanda even posed for a picture with her sweet axe for us. (Well, for Jay.)

We went inside, and completely surprised the store's patrons with a surprise concert. She was short on time, so she only played 2 songs. (She did play on in the park, but lie I said, it was noisy there.) I got videos of both songs, too!


2. Blogger's video service is being retarded, so just click here for the brief chat on youtube.

3. And click here for the second song on youtube.

Then she had to literally run out the door. I was lucky enough to grab a picture with her as she ran.

I'm the semi-obsessed fan hugging the chick doing a rock kick. :)

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