Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm not even supposed to BE here today!

The company I work for has exactly one employee for each store. Until they let someone go without replacing her. This is a problem because they let go the person who covers MY store on my days off. So I'm at work today, when I should be at home in my pajamas watching the Price is Right.

I would have said no to the phone call that woke me up this morning, but since we were closed Monday for Memorial Day, I don't get paid for that day. What sucks is that I literally live paycheck to paycheck with no money to spare, so if my check is short then I don't pay my phone bill. So I had no choice but to come in on my day off, just to break even.

I know my job isn't that demanding (hence me being on the internet all day) but sometimes I want to stay in my pajamas, or go to the park, or do any number of things that I can't do at work.

grumble grumble

ps - I've got some new stuff up at my etsy store, if you're feeling the need for pretty things.

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