Friday, March 13, 2009

too nice

Don't you know someone who's too nice? Maybe he or she (I will just use She from here on out) doesn't have the best "friends." She lets her friends mooch off her - staying in Her house rent free, eating Her food, having Her drive them places or borrowing Her car - even though they are costing Her money and She doesn't have that much money to begin with. I know a few people like this. I've never seen a situation like this work out well, but recently I saw it go very very bad.

In addition to all the stuff I just mentioned, She is friends with drug users. Not just users, dealers. And not weed. Heroin. And because She is so nice, she is letting these people stay with her "until they get back on their feet." Unfortunately, that means that they are now using Her home as a base of operations for their drug deals. What happens when they get busted by the cops? Well being the stand up folks that they are, instead of going quietly with the police, they run. They run back to Her house where inevitably they are caught, and the place is searched. It doesn't take much to search though, because there are several pounds of heroin just lying around. So the cops arrest everyone, including Her, because it is Her house.

So now she is facing a number of federal charges. Her only crime is that She is too nice, but the really tragic thing is that She won't learn. She'll keep trying to help out Her "friends" even though they have never helped Her out in any way.

I'm not mentioning any names because I want to keep my life relatively drama-free. However, I think we all know someone like this, even if their situation hasn't gotten this bad yet. They know what they are doing, but they don't stop. And I hate to watch it.

ps - you know this blog isn't about me. Nobody's ever accused me of being too nice.


mar said...

totally missed this post because of the bank one.
that sucks since there is such a thing as being 'too nice' (also known as being a pushover). i tend to lean to the side of being too nice, but i've felt the burn from being used by 'friends'.

monkeygirl said...

hmmm well given these facts she will be serving about 5-10 years in federal prison for being an accessory and aiding and abetting so maybe that will harden her up.

super des said...

This may be the mistake that she needs to learn from, I guess.

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