Friday, March 20, 2009

just some things

1. Today is my dad's bday. I would normally call him and wish him a happy first day of spring, just like he would call me on my bday to wish me a happy Flag Day. I don't like that it will never happen again, and I'm going to stop writing this now before I cry.

2. In other, less Debbie-Downer news, yesterday I finally got my w2. This morning, my federal refund was in my bank. Happy coincidence? Or did my deadbeat former employer get a happy little call from the IRS that had obviously received and reviewed my paperwork?

3. This money is earmarked for moving. We are definitely moving out of our crappy apartment, and more than likely moving to Asheville, NC, where Jay's wonderful and beautiful sister (are you reading this, Jess?) will have a house for us to rent. More details as that story develops.

4. That's all for now. Happy 1st day of spring, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Happy spring des.

A whole house to rent? No paper thin walls and stupid neighbors? Sounds like paradise to me.

super des said...

The only details I know are that it's a house and it has a fenced yard. But those are both very very good things.

Anonymous said...

Ashville is BEAUTIFUL! You will LOVE it!

super des said...

I've been there only once, but it was really cool. :)

SUEB0B said...

1. Those things are hard

I hope the moving works out well.

mar said...

happy birthday to your dad. it's so hard. yesterday would've been my grandma's 96th birthday & it makes me sad that i can't call her either.
i'm trying to fill out s's taxes, which are a pain in the @$$ (military wages, disability, self-employment because he's a "subcontractor" thru his dad)
best of luck on the move, even if you are moving farther away from me. :p

Jbeeky said...

Hey, Debbie Downer all you want, this is your blog and we all follow it for a reason. Hugs to you.

# #