Wednesday, December 24, 2008

xmas eve

Here are some xmas related pictures. The beauty of not having any major holiday plans is that we can have xmas whenever we want. And so, whenever presents arrived in the mail, that was xmas. See, here's the cat enjoying his "presents" (i.e. wrapping paper & bows).

What was wrapped in the cat's presents? For one, super awesome BFF from CA gave me these:

Sure, they won't keep my hands warm, but they'll help me look hot while I wear them under other gloves.

(ps - the pets did get presents other than wrapping paper. Midnight disappeared for a while as he ate rawhide bones, and the cat enjoyed his new mouse toy.)

I bought Jay a gift, even though I had made it very clear that we were not to buy each other gifts due to the complete lack of funds in the household. And then I came into some money (read: I got a job), so I bought him the unrated version of the movie Stepbrothers. He was happy about the gift, but not happy that he didn't have anything for me. But he does plenty for me, so it's not like I go without.

So that's my holiday season so far. Happy holidays to all of you, too. (And if you don't celebrate any holidays, well I still send good wishes your way, so nyah.)


Jbeeky said...

Merry Christmas whenever you spend it Des. You are a joy to read!

mar said...

happy christmas!
s & i decided not to do gifts due to the recession (read-our credit card bills), but he got me some yaktraks (put on over your shoes so you don't slip on the ice/snow) & i got him some food from omaha steak (it was an add on from his parents' gift, so cheapo) & tickets to a hockey game that we went to a couple weeks ago.

arlenestarr said...

Blogger is fussy today lets try this again.

Merry Christmas to you and yours des, enjoy!

SUEB0B said...

I love tabby cats! Glad to hear you are warm and happy together.

LittlePea said...

Oh those gloves.....they would look so cute with my new shoes!

Merry Christmas Des!

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