Tuesday, September 09, 2008

best sale ever

I am awesome at being in weddings. And it's not just because I look great in photos. I can be a bridesmaid and not spend a lot of money. This is so important because traditionally (not in any of the weddings I've been a part of, thank goodness!) bridesmaid's dresses are hideous monstrosities that you will only wear for a few hours and then quickly burn donate to your fave thrift store to become a Halloween costume.

Case in point: last night. I went a'hunting for a pretty red dress for my sister's wedding (next month!). I found a few that were nice, and then narrowed it down to 2, which I tried on. It didn't hurt that they were on sale, either. I sent sis some pics to ask her opinion, & decided on the cheaper one. It was $90, on sale for $54. Not bad for a bridesmaid's dress, eh?

But there were some icky stains on this pretty, inexpensive dress. I'm pretty sure this prom dress was "used" already, if you get my drift. But with some gentle scratching and a little water, the stains should come right off. (I guess that means it's not actually a stain per se....) And of course, it was the last dress in my size. So, I went up to pay for it, and I explained that I know it's already on sale, but it's the last one, but I need it for a wedding, but it's got these stains....

I figured an extra 10% could be gotten. Little did I realize that I was dealing with someone who was, shall we say, register-computerically challenged. He agreed to 10% off the sale price, but then somehow charged me twice for the dress. He figured out how to fix that, then did something else entirely. We had this conversation:

Him: ok, your total is $68.79 .
Me: What? It's on sale for $54.
Him: Yeah, and an extra 10% off that.
Me: So there was like $15 in tax? That's like 33%. Tax here is 6%.*

He studies it for a while and realizes that I'm right. Then he tries again and again until he tells me that my total is $46.36. That sounds more like it, so I pay. Then leaving the mall, I do the math in my head and realize that it actually wasn't correct. Whup out the recipt, here is the breakdown:

original price: $90
sale discount: -$36
extra per cent off: -$5.40
incentive per cent off: -$4.86
(total discounts: -$46.26)
discounted price: $43.74
sales tax: $2.62
total due: $46.36

That's right, I paid $43 (pre-tax) for a $90 dress.

(don't worry, pics will be shown of the pretty pretty dress next month)

* I Know I shouldn't squabb;e over such a small amount, but I would like to be charged the correct price.


MsLittlePea said...

This makes me want to go shopping.

super des said...

you should totally go.

Suzanne said...

I love deals.

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