Saturday, July 19, 2008

and then Jason met Frank!

Friday night my boss invited us all - coworkers, friends, associates, everyone - out to a concert. He prepaid for us and put our names on "the list" so we could feel truly special. It was some good people watching, the house cover band was pretty good (we didn't actually stay for the main act), and I had a tasty drink that involved lemonade, fresh strawberries, raspberries, & blueberries (oh and vodka). It cost $6, which everyone seemed to think was outrageous. But I'm still used to buying drinks in NYC, and that same drink would have cost twice as much. Or more. So I didn't mind the "outrageous" price. Plus water was free, so I of course drank my share of that.

When we were heading out, we ran into Frank. I turned to Jason and all excited said "you get to meet my BFF Frank!" Jason said something to the effect of "that's totally super awesome." * Frank shook my hand and played glad to see me. Then he turned and saw Jay, and - without a hello or anything - exclaimed "Oh, you brought your dad!"

Now, since Jason reads this blog and gets to hear the stories firsthand, he was already going to give Frank the old "squeeze" handshake, wherein he tries to inflict physical pain under a thin veil of politeness. But then Frank had to go be Frank and insult him. So Jay gave him an extra hard squeeze, which Frank pretended not to notice. This made Jay even more agitated than the original insult. But I knew Frank wouldn't acknowledge it. I apparently know him (or his type) well enough to predict his behavior. In fact, he'll probably mention it to me at a later date, when Jay's not around. I'll either play dumb or be like "maybe you shouldn't insult people you don't know them, hint hint!" But we all know that won't work.

But at least Jay can now vouch for the ass-holiness of he that is Frank.

*ok, so maybe those weren't Jay's exact words. It's a good thing I told you that, because you would have never guessed that it was me paraphrasing, right?


Suzanne said...

I am starting to understand Frank's lame sense of humor, which scares me.

super des said...

Just because you understand it, doesn't mean it's good.

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