Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anti- Sex & the City Meme

In response to all the coverage regarding the Sex & The City movie, Good Friend Suzanne made this meme "for feisty, spirited women who share our lives and support one another, yet are also slovenly and/or miserly (or is it practical?):"

What's the cheapest pair of shoes you own? A better question is what is the most expensive pair because I buy nearly all my shoes either used (thrift store or ebay) or on clearance. I think my sparkly shoes were $8. My fave rainbow flip flops were like $4, several years ago. My pink velcro sneakers were $20 at a thrift store. My super cute doll shoes were like $15 on ebay. My comfy polka dot heels were new, but still less than $20. Admittedly I have a lot of shoes. They all need to be cheap, because I am poor.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry, if you own any? Um, yeah, remember how I make jewelry? Yeah, I like those. And I really like my mystic topaz ring that Jay gave me.

What's your favorite t-shirt? This one. I also like all my AIDS Walk shirts, because I earned those. But I don't really wear those in public.

If you could wear jeans every day, would you? I can already wear jeans every day but I choose not to. When it's warm enough I wear skirts all the time. And not jean skirts either. And in the winter, I will wear one of my 2 pair of jeans, but I will also wear clothes that are warmer. I like having the options of wearing jeans, but I don't love jeans like some people do.

Do you comb your hair every day? Maybe not comb per se, (one of the benefits of short hair) but I generally do something with it, like put a barrette or headband in. Or thrown on a head scarf.

Ok, so that was fun. Feel free to do it yourself now.

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