Saturday, March 15, 2008

a short lesson in why I hate everything

So since I moved to MI, my DVDs and CDs have been sitting in boxes in the living room. It's not only because I'm lazy, but because I have had nowhere to put them. But in preparation of my friend's visit next week, there has begun a massive cleanup in my home. Random boxes? They should go. And I would like to be able to find a movie or tv show or music when I want it. (You know that they all will be alphabetized, right?)

Off to Kmart to buy that media cabinet I've been eyeing but not buying because of that whole no-job-no-money thing. But the time has come for more credit card debt. So off to Kmart. There it is, I play with the poorly assembled, bolted down display model and say Yes, this is The One. My diligent Jason promptly sets off to find the box so we can make it a purchase. Several laps around the store, and it is clear that there are no media cabinets for me to take home today. Well Poo.

Next stop is Walmart, where they had a similar but more expensive one, at least according to their website. (And yes, I'm aware that if I just ordered one from a website, I could have avoided all this, but I want my cabinet today! *stamps foot*) We head to the furniture section, do a coupla laps, and realize that Walmart doesn't even carry a media cabinet. Double Poo.

Here we go to Target! Thank goodness these stores are relatively close to each other and our home. Again with the lapping and again with the no media cabinets at all in the entire store. Now des is getting angry. One more rejection like this and she just might turn into the Incredible desHulk and do some smashing.

On the way home we pass a furniture store. You know, the kind that sells nice things that make me want to buy a house and then fill it with coordinated furniture that costs more than the house itself. So, no media cabinets, not even in the "back room clearance center." Grrrrrrrrrrrr. In fact, I may have been heard to scream that I hate everything immediately upon exiting that store. We went home and I pouted and ate Taco Bell.

Cut to several hours later, Jay's vacuum decides that it is broken and needs to be replaced. Luckily for everyone involved, the local Meijer (which is like a Kmart, but with groceries - and in fact we were there earlier today buying groceries) is open 24 hours and sells vacuums. So weirdos like us can totally make emergency vacuum runs at 11:30 on a Friday night. As we're walking through the store, we pass the furniture section. On a lark, which is a term I've never even used before, we decide to see if the universe is really mad at me. Turns out it is. There's the exact cabinet I was trying to buy all day. In stock. Ready to buy. There was a little bit of kicking things out of frustration, but there was also a purchase made. In fact, as I type this, diligent hard working Jason is putting my new media cabinet together, and then I can fill it with all sorts of discy goodness.

What lesson have we learned today? When you can't find something, check the grocery store. They have everything.

ps - Did you check the new bracelet? Won't find that in a grocery store.


flutter said...

they totally do

viciousrumours said...

My search for things I want for the home always begins at the second hand store. This is because I'm too cheap to pay full price. I usually spend a good twenty to thrity minutes trying to convince myself that, yes, it really is in bad shape and that, yes, I really should look somewhere else. Then we end up at Wal-Mart, because there IS no where else in this crappy little town.
I'm glad you found what you needed.

super des said...

Yeah, but with the second hand store, it's hit or miss. We didn't feel like going all the way out there because it's further than everything else.

SUEB0B said...

Can I borrow Jay when I need things put together?

super des said...

I'm considering renting him out, but the price might be a little high because he's very good.

mdog said...

what? meijer, a grocery store? no no. it is an everything store. keep it in mind.

super des said...

There are sections of that store I've never even been into because I primarily use it for groceries. But now everything we need, we're like "let's go to Meijer!"

might I add...? said...

I was rushing through your post because I was going to suggest going to Ikea, because they might have something similar to what you want and pretty cheap, too. I'm happy that you found one close to home, though. I wish we had a Meijer here. My best friend lives in MI, and you're right, you can find anything there. With a new baby, I wish I could do that more easily. It's so much more convenient with the baby in the stroller to only have to hit one store.

Congrats on the new media cabinet! Have fun with your visitors!

super des said...

I thought about Ikea, but I don't know if they'd have what I wanted. There's not one anywhere close to here anyway.

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