Monday, March 24, 2008

hangin with the BFF

Day one of my BFF's visit:
We went to Olive Garden because we were all hungry and we didn't want to waste the "good" restaurants on a day in which BFF was tired and wouldn't appreciate stuff. Then that turned out to be wise because for a number of reasons, BFF's raviolis came back up, in a bad way. So the rest of day was spent not doing much.

Day 2:
Easter Sunday. Breakfast at the Big Boy, in which 2 vegetarian girls watch a boy eat a lot of meat. Jay doesn't like ham, though, so we got HamPac:

Then, since nothing else was open, we spent the day watching tv and movies and rocking out Guitar Hero til like 3am.

Day 3:
We were gonna go to the zoo, but decided to go to the Dirt Arcade where I got a blister from playing one game of Ms. PacMan. Then as I was, ahem, kicking BFF's bootie* at air hockey, Jay said "why must you play every game fierce as a motherfucker?" And I realized it was true. Then we went to eat lunch at The WAB. Then since BFF and I couldn't stop quoting Mystery Men, we popped it in. Jay and Midnight took a nap instead of joining us:

So that's it so far. More later.

* Since BFF is reading this over my shoulder as I write, I am forced to clarify the air hockey game. For a while it was 6-1, but then at the last second she scored more points. Final score: 7-4.


Anonymous said...

Pac-Ham is awsome!! Is he chasing.... Pinky? Eh.. best pun I could come up with.

BFF has to get used to being beat at games. :) j/k I'll let her win once in a while. (See how I cleverly hide my lack of ability by pretending to have talent then couching it in some kind of virtous pity?)

Awww.... Doggie is cute.
If its okay with BFF, can we get some pics of her? <3

super des said...

I'm gonna keep the pictures of BFF in my own private collection. If she wants to share them with the world, she can.

Anonymous said...

Bah... Help her E-mail them to me then :)

Suzanne said...

If I were there, I would eat the ham, regardless of whether it is Pac-Ham or just regular. Yum.

super des said...

But then Jay couldn't get all creative.

# #