Friday, March 21, 2008

des and jay cause a stir

While we were at dinner, the bar we were sitting at was a little crowded. Not so crowded that we couldn't move, but close enough that you could easily overhear your neighbor's conversations. Of course Jay and I were too involved in ourselves to notice anyone else (except for the loud guy at the end drunkenly boasting about some raffle or another). But other people sure noticed ours.

A crazy idea got into one of our heads. We expounded on it, and built up the idea. We go into detail about what we're going to do when we get home. The people next to us look at us sideways, and try not to appear as if they are listening intently, but they totally are. As they listen in to our vivid descriptions, they lick their lips in anticipation. They might even be a little jealous that they are not creative or adventurous enough to try it themselves.

We get ourselves all worked up, and as soon as we finish our dinners we go home to try out our idea. It was wonderful. It was everything we'd hoped it would be, and everything our neighbors were imagining.

French vanilla ice cream topped with crumbled Thin Mint cookies.
So Freakin Good.

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MsLittlePea said...

Yes! Were there any kind of sprinkles involved? I imagine I may have got myself worked up over a desert before but not any neighbors as you two did. I'm sure they were having all sorts of sweet fantasies that did not come to fruition like yours.

super des said...

no sprinkles, but now I realize there should have been. We almost went for chocolate syrup too, but then decided it might kill us with tastiness and sweetness.

Oh, The Joys said...

My inner Lady Flabina salutes you and A!

super des said...

Well if it makes Flabina feel better, it was only a tiny bit of ice cream and 2 cookies each because we ran out. :)

SUEB0B said...


super des said...

Oh, Suebob, you have such a dirty mind ;)

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