Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a NicK Swardson kind of day

Youtube Nick Swardson.
You will hear him do a bit about how his problems are nothing compared to his grandmother's.
"Oh man, I had a terrible day. First the Yankees lost, and then like I missed the bus. How was your day grandma?"
"Well Nicholas. Another one of my friends died."

I had a day like Nick's today. (Thank goodness I do not have any grandmothers to make my problems seem small.) I decided to go out and get my hair cut at the salon a block or so away. While braving the icy tundra that is Michigan, I slipped and twisted my ankle. Not badly, mind you, but enough to complain about. I continued walking to the place, only to find that they don't take walk-ins. So I made an appointment for tomorrow and walked home on my slightly injured ankle.

Then I got all set to play me some Zelda, only to discover that the game had not been saved recently. WTF nintendo DS? I know I saved the game before turning it off last night, but now I have to replay that bit. I suppose I could do it, but I don't want to go through the effort right now.

So that's my day.

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