Friday, December 28, 2007

What I learned on my xmas vacation

Hi kids,
I'm back from my adventures in TinyTown, CA. Actually, there weren't any "adventures" to be had, though I did get to hang with my sis and her fiance and I love them. Oh yeah, and my parents.
But here's a list of things I have learned from my many travels, not all being from this trip.

1. Bring an extra book. If you're not really a reader, bring 2. If you are already bringing 2, throw one more in there for luck.

2. Put your phone charger in your carry on bag. That way when you are stuck in the SanFran airport for 7+ hours because your flight from NY was delayed just enough for you to miss your connection and you have to bargain with the gate agent to get you anywhere near your parents for xmas and that results in a flight to an even tinier TinyTown, you can actually enjoy the psuedo-company of all the people that want to talk to you during your uneventful tromp through SFO.

3. Arrive early to the airport. Even if you have to leave your house at 4am and stand in a really long line because it's xmas, maybe the people at the check-in counter will take pity on you and anyone else on your flight that is "leaving" in 20 minutes and let you cut to the front. Of course, this is all a moot point if your flight gets delayed (see #2).

4. Be nice to the airline employees. People are going to be cranky dicks, especially when traveling on the holidays. The employees will remember the nice little blond girl and reward her with conveniences to make her flight easier and better. Conversely, being nice also ensures that your bag does not end up somewhere very far away from your destination. (They have that power, did you know that?)

5. Don't travel on xmas.

OK, that's all for now. More on stuff later.


mar said...

i totally agree with your last point. see: my trip home last christmas, wherein i was only home for <30 hours of what was supposed to be a 5 day visit.
welcome back to blogland.

super des said...

Yeah, I spent more time in SFO than in my dad's house, I think.

SUEB0B said...

Hint: next time you are without a phone charger, go to the lost and found and say, do you have a phone charger? They will have a whole box full and probably one that fits your phone. I have not had this issue at airports, but hotels usually have a whole boatload.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad that you made it and were able to spend some time with your fam.

super des said...

suebob, I wou;dn't even know where to go for that. But when I have so many hours, I can probably figger it out. ;)

suz, me too. me too.

Anonymous said...

sorry that your trip out was bleh.
I have been reading here and there lately.. but not commenting. Woe is me.
congrats on the new job! sounds like it is defintely better than the yucky old job.

# #