Wednesday, December 12, 2007

adventures in work related partying

So the store holiday party was Monday. Ours was the best company-wide because we have 2 Brooklyn stores, a Manhattan store, and the corporate office. Other locations only have one other store to hang with, and Chicago is all by it's lonesome. So we had the most fun. AND the head honchos said that my store had the awesomest crew. I'm not sure, but I think that's the word they used.

We were seated at very crowded tables, which upset me because I didn't like the guy who was wedged in next to me whom I met for the first time that night. Also, all the food was family style, so I had to grab what vegetarian options came by when they did cuz I didn't know what else I'd be able to eat. (ps, butternut squash ravioli? to die for.) Also, they did that magic wine glass refilling thing. I loves me some Pinot Grigio.

They played some games, none of which I won because they asked me a stupid question. WTF do I know about how many blue vinyls are on the walls of my store? I'm too busy selling stuff, remember? Yeah I'm still bitter. We did the gift exchange. I ended up getting my guy a gift certificate to the restaurant / bar next door. Then I had to brag about how that was the first GC ever given out by that place. I had to make a special appointment to talk to the owner and everything! He totally loved it. I received an excuse to fuel my muffin addiction from the bakery across the street that closes by 2 every day. Everyone loves everything.

So after the formal party, a bunch of us crazy kids decided to go to another bar. It was early yet, and I didn't have to be at work until late. The other people? Well they had no excuse. The night went by in a blur. We switched bars one more time and lost some people along the way until only 4 of us hardcores remained. There was loud hip hop music, dancing was involved, and at some point we gathered our things (miraculously still intact) and left. Another member of the posse had wandered away, so the remaining 3 of us took the train back home. At my stop, I bid them goodnight and promised to see them in a coupla hours. They had to opening the store in 5 hours.

I got home just before 5am and fell into bed. My phone died during the night, but my wine-addled brain reasoned that I didn't need it on because I didn't work until 1, so there was no need for an alarm. Well, I was right. I did wake up in time. 12:15, to be exact. I leave my house at 12:30. That gave me just enough time to gulp down 3 glasses of water (mmm dehydration) throw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, brush my teeth, and run out the door.

When I walked in, my fellow partiers from the night before did not look so enthused. But I am super and a rockstar, so I made it known that I was perfectly fine and not hungover at all and bouncing off the walls like my normal self. I'm glad they didn't hate me for it.

And that friends, is just one of the reasons I love my job.

ps - someone found my blog by googling "the least awesome thing ever" which kinda makes me frown. But I'm glad people are using my terms.


Working Girl said...

Wow...I'm kinda dizzy from reading about that night. I think I'm old now.

super des said...

I have to text myself sometimes to make sure I get to keep my rockstar status.

Suzanne said...

Yay, fun co-workers and all-night partying. Glad that your co-worker friend liked his gift card. Special appointments with managers always make a gift card more special, just like receiving the first gift card ever issued by a store and then using the item you bought with it to pack your things for Chicago. Meaning: you give awesome gifts.

super des said...

I think I'm running out of places to get the first gift card from. Hmmm.

And my response to WG should say "test" not "text."
I don't need to text myself.

MsLittlePea said...

Oh work parties! Did you catch anyone making out? Did YOU make out with anyone?

mar said...

good time partyin'! i haven't been out to a good party in ages. hopefully the holiday party i'm planning for friday will be half that much fun. (we won't be barhopping due to the weather & my apartment's location.)
you're all invited! :)

Arlene said...

I'm worn out just reading about it!

super des said...

ha ha pea, I've been sworn to secrecy!

might I add...? said...

ps - someone found my blog by googling "the least awesome thing ever" which kinda makes me frown. But I'm glad people are using my terms.

How do you do that?????

# #