Sunday, November 11, 2007

party recap

I had a party last night in my shiny new apartment. It wasn't just a lawyer party. My friends were there too, which made it the best party ever. I got to meet Jessabean, who was up for the weekend.* I was able to realize that most of my friends are short like me, and most of C's friends are tall like him. I got to meet a couple new people and hear a variety of wonderful stories.

We supplied snacks and booze, and people brought their own too. Nobody drank the rum or pineapple juice except for me, which means that I have whole bunch of these things left just for me... for whenever I want. We were also given a bunch of wine, which is cool because I will drink that too. I won't list all the other great edibles and drinkables because I don't want to make you jealous.

Our guests were very tidy, so the cleanup was minimal. Actually for me, the cleanup was nonexistant. No, I take that back - I had to sweep some dorito crumbs off the couch when someone tried to "help" me dispose of the doritos. One, I did not need his help, and two, he didn't really help by smushing them into the couch. But for all the fun I had, sweeping doritos is not a bad price to pay.

The cat was the hit of the party. Instead of hiding in the bedroom all night, he continually made the rounds to check up on us. Everybody loved him and he was often sought out. Poor Jess had the unfortunate timing that comes with being the first to the party (we went to dinner with her & her bf) and trying to pet the cat while C was pouring ice into the sink. The loud noise startled the cat, he assumed it came from Jess, and he wouldn't be her friend for the rest of the night. That was pretty sad.

Today I'm hangin around in my pajamas. I'm not sick or anything (I did only have just over one drink) but there's nothing else to do. It's cold outside and I'm off until Tuesday when the new store opens. I kinda felt inspired to write things, which immediately left as soon as I sat down. So you got this.

*I have photographic evidence of this meeting, but am too lazy to deal with it right now.


jessabean said...

Your party was awesome! We just got back to VA, so I'm decompressing...hopefully have a post up (with pics) by tomorrow.

Thank you SOOOOO much for having us. Chris loved you, too!

super des said...

I'm so glad you guys came! We had a great time. Next time, definitely!

Suzanne said...

The cat was my least favorite part of the party, as within 20 minutes, my eyeball was itchy and uncomfortable. But thanks to your fine cabinet of allergy pills, I made peace with him. Otherwise, I had me a great time, what with meeting Jessabean and also talking about ejaculating during prostate exams with another friend. Good times.

super des said...

ha ha ha! that's right, drugs, ejaculations, yeah, it was *that* kind of party!

jessabean said...

Also, I kind of pooped in your bathroom.

That could be a T-shirt!

super des said...

ha ha, well thanks for sharing?

# #