Thursday, October 04, 2007

doctor's orders

I took Mecru in to the vet today. No problems. Got a rabies booster. Chatted with the doctor.
Did I know the cat has a heart murmur? Yes, but I never had an ultrasound done because I could not afford it while in college. Now that I can afford it a bit more easily (it's still $330), I should have that done. Mecru has bad teeth (another thing I already knew - it's not my fault, it's his genetics) but they don't want to give him the anesthetic required for dental work until they are sure his heart can handle it. Thus, I scheduled the ultrasound for next week. My CA vet assured me it was probably nothing since it had been there since kittenhood, and this vet agrees, but would really rather be on the safe side. That's a policy I can get behind.

The vet also said that Mecru would probably stop licking his elbows every time we left town if we got him a little friend. (He also said that he's never seen a cat lick his elbows when stressed - usually it's the tummy or back or something. But Mecru has always been a little odd.) So that's it. The vet said we have to get a kitten. We have a bigger place now, and one or both of us could devote the time needed.

Craig made up a rule a long time ago saying that I can only have 12 pounds of pet at any given time. (We won't tell him that Mecrutio the Fatty is currently 12.6 pounds.) So I can have any number of same-species animals whose weight add up to 12 pounds. Of course as soon as they grew, I'd have to get rid of them. I also would have to trade in Mecru. It's a silly rule, but it's kept our house from being overrun by pets.

But you heard the doctor. He prescribed a kitten. Make it so.


Suzanne said...

Wow, my rabbit weighs a mere few ounces less than Mecru. Although I think the vet weighed him improperly last time. Anyway, glad that your fur ball is doing OK.

Average Jane said...

You heard the doctor. It's time for some kitten-y goodness!

Even though I have three cats already, I found myself eyeing the adorable kittens at the spay/neuter clinic last weekend. Only my fear of becoming a crazy cat lady holds me back.

Sudiegirl said...

I'm sure my cats weigh more than your sweet baby.

My cats are real tubbos.

My male's vet said that he had a heart murmur too but I'm too broke to take him to a specialist. I risked it and had him fixed anyway...and he lived.

What can I say!?

What are the origins of the name Mecru?

super des said...

no fear, Jane - I think the limits of crazy cat lady-dom are between 4-6 cats, depending on how many other people live in your house (extra points for little kids!)

sudie, Mecru is short for Mecrutio which is a name I made up. A lot of people think it's a Romeo & Juliet reference, but that's Mercutio. (notice the placement of the R)

DangerDoll said...

THAT'S a serious cat you got there!

Our rule is the animal-to-human ration must be 1:1. Therefore, no more than 3 animals allowed at any given time. It works.

DangerDoll said...

I meant "ratio". Like, duh.

super des said...

ha ha ha, i thought the ration was a little off!

Sudiegirl said...

You mom's cat Bogo (I call him Bogus or Buffose) weighs 25 lbs.

That's basically 2.1 cats according to Craig's calculations.

Sudiegirl said...

And I support the new kitty thing.

super des said...

That is one hell of a cat.

# #