Tuesday, July 03, 2007

get over it

UCDavis thinks it's funny or something to periodically send out an alumni newsletter that they call a magazine. Since both Craig and I graduated from there, we get two copies of a magazine that we couldn't care less about*. However, last night I flipped through it while waiting for C to finish his videogame (so we could play another videogame - lately, much to the chagrin of our thumbs, we've become addicted to Mario Tennis for N64).

There was an article about a group of students that gave out free cookies and milk during finals, and were subsequently ignored by most. They made a big deal about how theses were free cookies, store bought, without a catch. Nothing to sign, no pamphlets to take, no money to exchange. Free Cookies! Their sign said "You've got finals, we've got cookies."

The point of the article was that college students are rude and wouldn't take free cookies when offered. They explicitly blamed ipods and those "signature white headphones". It was a nice gesture, but these kids had other things on their mind, like finals. From experience, I can say that UCD (and other college students as well) students are trained to ignore the legions of booths and tables that are continually set up in the quad. They have everything from credit card offers to Christian-Jewish frats to army recruitment to people selling crap. Maybe if UCD didn't allow such a barrage of tables, people would pay more attention to their precious free cookies.

Remember when we were kids and our moms warned us against taking free unwrapped treats from strangers? Those cookies could contain razorblades and drugs. Or maybe the kids don't like that kind of store bought cookie (they didn't say what kind they were). I wouldn't have taken them because when I was at UCD, I was a full-blown vegan and store bought cookies were not suitable.

I can't believe that someone took the time to write this article and then I took the time to read it. Is that big news? Was there nothing else of importance that happened at UCD in the last few months?

* I brought up the point that they shouldn't send stuff like this to the financial aid kids because we're not going to give them any money, but that's a whole 'nuther rant.


Sudiegirl said...

This brought back memories of college for me...it was hard to sort out the legitimate kindnesses from the marketing schemes.

However, I know many friends who signed up for JCPenney credit cards just because they could get a 1 lb. bag of M&Ms for free.

I don't think I did that...cause M&Ms aren't my favorite. Now if it was Reeses' Pieces...they might have had me.


Suzanne said...

Ha ha ha. The part about the razor blades? Hilarious. I have to say that I totally would have taken free cookies. I'll take almost any food that is free and tasty.

As for the financial aid kids, I have to say that just because you went to college on financial aid doesn't mean that later you didn't become a big hot shot and have money to share. Husband, who is not really a big hot shot, gives to his stupid former school, much to my chagrin. These appeals sometimes work, unfortunately.

super des said...

I signed up for a few credit cards for the free stuff as well.

And maybe if they hadn't lost my financial aid info repeatedly, I would feel differently.

Sudiegirl said...

Hey - my kitty Chelmsford has created his very own meme and would like you to be tagged.

Come over to my blog and read the details...there is no due date.

mar said...

i definitely would've taken a free cookie, but i went to a private undergrad, really tiny.
also, hate the money calls from school. i may consider donating money once i've paid off my debt, but that's 20 years down the road according to my loan repayment plan.

jessabean said...

One time a Christian group on campus passed out free Krispey Kreme donuts and coffee during finals week. I took a donut, because I never turn down a Krispy Kreme.

But if I had turned down that donut, I would be just as disgusted to see someone write about it in the school magazine! They must be very uncreative or lacking good subject matter.

super des said...

jb, that's very true. They're just looking for pity.

Brillig said...

College is a place that attempts to teach us not to be idiots. And only idiots stop at every single booth bombarding them, particularly during finals when they have much more important things to do, so I would say that the article should have been about how successful the school was at not molding students into a bunch of idiots.

How could it possibly have ANYTHING to do with manners?

Cherann said...

In all honesty...I always went up to those tables when I was in college. i was all about the free stuff!!

I don't think those types of newsletters should be called an alumni newsletter, I think it should be called a "Alumni Please Donate Paper".

Count Mockula said...

I like cookies and free stuff, but I would have assiduously avoided eye contact, too, in fear that they might give me the cookie and be like "So, you like cookies. Do you like Jesus?"

Jbeeky said...

I went to like three colleges and you never, NEVER go to a table that says free anything. Unless you want a credit card with a finance rate of 23% or have decided to join Jews for Jesus. Or both.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit this gave me flash backs from overweight men in dirty button down shirts handing out little green free bibles all over campus.
#$%#$%full body shudder@#$@$#

super des said...

Like I said, there's no such thing as a free cookie.

# #