Monday, June 04, 2007

work updates, etc

I haven't written (too much) about work lately, and so I've gotten a lot of questions that make me feel like a newspaper columnist on maternity leave or something. Since I'm not actually a newspaper columnist on maternity leave, it's a good feeling to know that people want to know what is the dillio.

Something happened to R. She either got anti-psychotic medication, a stern talking to from the People In Charge, or both. She has been very pleasant to me lately, and not just artificial pleasantness. Pleasant to everyone else too. No yelling, cussing, or throwing things. She even seems to be doing her job. What a concept. So even though I have a lack of blog material, I have a much more tolerable day at work.

New Boss has finally acknowledged that I am leaving and she needs to hire someone. At first she thought that 3 weeks would be enough to hire and train someone, but I reminded her that I've taken over 3 people's jobs over the course of time here, so if my replacement is going to be doing all my duties, she (I'm sure it will be a woman) will need as much time as possible. Like what I told President when I gave 2 months' notice.
**UPDATE** She also thought it would only take me 20 minutes to write out - in detail - all my job duties. You're dreaming, lady.

We had a little spat the other day, which I touched upon in another blog. My bday is June 14, Flag Day. It turns out that 95% of my friends will be out of town that day and that weekend. This includes Craig, who has to go to some law-talking thing in Sonoma that involves wine tasting and bike riding. Craig's firm said I could go, even though we have to pay for my plane ticket (they pay for Craig's) and so rather than sit at home by myself on my bday, I going too.

When I told New Boss I wouldn't be here that Thursday or Friday, she said "I don't think that's a good time." It's the middle of a slow month. It's the best time. She just wants me here to do her job, which I won't do anyway. I told a little fib and said that my family wants to see me for my bday and the tickets have already been purchased. That second part was not a fib. Basically I made it clear that I am going so it was up to her if I come back to work after that trip. She had enough sense to realize that the company would be utterly screwed if I left then. Coincidentally (?) today is the day that she introduced the idea of my replacement.

While I'm training, of course I will not be blogging as much. Wah. But that's not for a bit yet.

ps - this weekend I went to see "The Future is Unwritten," a documentary about Joe Strummer. You should go see it. There are interviews with everyone from former roommates, bandmates, Bono, Martin Scorcese, Johnny Depp (in full pirate regalia), and many others. Go see it, especially if you fancy yourself a fan of the Clash, the Mescaleros, or just awesome people.

pps - tomorrow is a blog exchange day, so the post you read here will not be my own. However, it will give a link to go read mine. So keep that in mind.


MsLittlePea said...

Oh Johnny Depp! Ok I'm in.

Good update-I was wondering what happened to R :o)

mdog said...

ooooooo. R being pleasant? maybe it's not R at all, just her non-evil twin. either way means sanity for des. yay!

super des said...

Yes, sanity good. Johnny also good.

Alex Elliot said...

Wait! I think a missed a post. When are quitting? Did you find another job?

super des said...

My last day is July 25. I have not found another job... yet.

Suzanne said...

Definitely anti-psychotics. I'm not sure this woman would shape up just from a stern talking to. On the other hand, if she really needs the job & money, maybe the threat of firing was waved in her face and it was enough to scare her straight. Either way, happy to hear it. Also happy to hear that New Boss finally gets It.

super des said...

Things are starting to shape up around here. Not enough to make me stay of course, but enough maybe to let me stay until July 25.

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