Wednesday, June 06, 2007

just call me shorty

Pre-note: I don't think I'm gonna do the Blog Exchange anymore. Even though my partner this time was great, I like being able to post multiple things in a day. My words bubble up inside me until they explode!

I did something I haven't done in many many moons. I bought shorts. And now I'm wearing them. It's very odd. Normally I'm a skirt or pants kind of girl. There's something about shorts that weird me out.

But these shorts are very nice. Old Navy called them "dress shorts" (?) and they are pinstriped black & gray, knee-length, with a bow around the low waist, and pockets that are kind of funny. Because I just read the Great Gatsby not too long ago, I feel very Jordan Baker while wearing them.With a button-up shirt and my little flippy 30's blond hair, I feel the outfit is complete. All I need is one of those funny flapper hats. Which I might get anyway, because they are so cool. I also kind of feel like Kate Hepburn, but I don't look or act anything like her, so that's kind of moot.

I had to buy them because they were the only ones in this color / pattern, and they were my size. When I tried them on, my friend said I looked great. I did a little twirl, and the people in line for the dressing room laughed. But it wasn't a "hey look at that stupid white girl" laugh. They were laughing with me, dammit. So once I got the approval of strangers, I had to buy them.

I can kind of get over the fact that both knees are surrounded by hems, which doesn't happen with pants or skirts. The instructions for my bday trip with the law-talking guys says "dress spa-casual." I have no idea what that means, but I'm assuming I can wear pinstriped shorts. Craig said dress like I'm in a J.Crew Spring catalog. I said I don't have any J.Crew clothes except a blue sweater I got at a thrift store, and I'm not wearing that. He said, well they don't have to be J.Crew brand, just preppy. I don't have any clothes that look like that. They will have to settle for Old Navy, dammit. It's not preppy, but it's "classic." Like 1930s classic.

Point is, I'm wearing shorts and they are affecting my brain.


Jbeeky said...

I have a huge shorts issue myself. I put shorts on and after about 20 minutes take them off. I will have to try these shorts you speak of, they sound right up my alley. But most important, would Amy like them? Hmmmmmmm

super des said...

ha ha ha.
Amy would like them, because they are not too short, and they accentuate curves, and they have cool stripes.
Not that I'M trying to impress Amy.

MsLittlePea said...

Classic, yeah. Way better than preppy. I hate preppy clothing. Shorts are a must for me but I have a hard time finding them because I'm too short for long ones and I'm not a fan of showing everyone my ass,so really short ones are out of the question too. Hey but you left one part out-what shoes will you be wearing?

super des said...

With the shorts? I need to get some cute little strappy sandals.

Brillig said...

"So once I got the approval of strangers, I had to buy them." Well, YAH!! Hahaha. OF COURSE!! They actually sound really classy, and I'm considering a trip to Old Navy to see if I too can wax Jordan Baker-ish. Very cool!

super des said...

I tried to find a picture of them but the old navy online store does not have them. I'll post one someday.

If you do go, they were like $20.

jessabean said...

I don't wear shorts either and I didn't think the longer ones would look good on me but I actually really like the way they look.

You could probably dress them down a little bit with a pair of Converse or something--not as "J.Crew."

And kudos on the Jordan Baker reference. I can so picture that in my head right now!

super des said...

I don't have any Converse any more, but I do have other canvas shoes.

Cherann said...

They sound great. Which ones are they?

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