Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hemingway as blogger

I just finished reading "A Movable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway. It's an autobiographical work about Paris in the 1920s, published posthumously. While not overly descriptive, it gets the job done. And it has lines like this:

And I thought to him, "You con man, conning me with your con."

which for some reason, cracks me up to no end. He also describes F. Scott Fitzgerald as a beautiful woman, but not the type of person you should hang around if you are quick to anger. This also cracks me up. The "chapters" in this book are really just short anecdotes loosely related because they all have to do with him and the people he meets. Much like a blog...

I told Craig that Hemingway was the first blogger. All the pieces fit. Craig didn't like this, and explained to me how H created his own style of writing that had never been done before, and that is why he's a great writer. To which I replied, "Well I wish he hadn't, because this is my style of writing and now I have no chance of publishing anything because I'm just copying H!"
It's true: the short, important sentences, the minimum descriptives, the flow of consciousness. H was a blogger, and he wrote a little thing called the wonderful world of des.

Seriously, people bought magazines - and later, novels - because they were so interested in H's next installment of thought. I wonder if people would pay to subscribe to my blog. If I was in H's time, before the i-net, maybe they would. Soon I will have my very own antique typewriter thanks to my friend, so I can transform myself into an old writer. I always thought I'd be a Truman Capote, so I could live the high society NY life, but now it's obvious that I'll be a Hemingway.

Now the trick is to find a publisher that really really likes H....

ps - someone found by blog by googling "gnc products for bigger butts".
ha ha ha! Bet H never had that!


jessabean said...

This entire post cracked me up. And that line about conning is great too! Yeah, you are cool like H. But stay away from shotguns, mmkay?

MsLittlePea said...

H and I share birthdays...July 21. Other than that I don't remember what else I found out about him for my 9th grade essay on him. I'd like to read some of his books since the only one I read was, The Old Man and the Sea and I hated it at the time. I undertsood all the symoilism and all but I felt like I was in a coma by the time the Old Man finally got home(I was 14-I hated everything but the phone and lipgloss, go figure). I've heard people say A moveable Feast was their favorite and now that you've said you liked it, maybe I'll get it at the library next time.

super des said...

JB - yeah, I don't think I drink as much as him either. I;m only like him in writing style, definitely not personal life.

pea - this was different than the other H books I've read. It reminds me of myself, so how can I not love it?

Cherann said...

Hemingway, sound intelligent. Are you visiting my blog so I can dumb you down???? ;-) although I think I have lost many brain cells over the years.

Sugar Kane said...

I love that book! What great taste you have.

super des said...

Hi Cherann!
Don't let this post fool you.

sk - I knew you were awesome.

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