Thursday, June 01, 2006

vegetarian follow-up

I know the people at work don't read my blogs. This is why I write freely about them. But just 2 days ago I wrote a list of rules concerning vegetarians.

This is what happened today:

A coworker hands me 4 tomatoes, wrapped in a napkin. No bag or anything. And she says "I knew you were a vegetarian." I had no warning she was going to give me 4 tomatoes, or I would have said no.

What the hell am I supposed to do with 4 tomatoes in a napkin? Eat them now? Attempt to take them home on a crowded subway? Throw them at her head? (I might do this last one - I'm not in the best mood because I've had to deal with an overly abundant office full of idiots today.)

And now, I'm sure, I will receive more frequent tomato-themed handouts. Super.


gandhi rules said...

What a dumbass thing for someone to do.
So because she eats meat you should hand her a glob of raw hamburger on a napkin.
Ohhhh des, this is what you Should do! It will make the point quickly and you can make it like it's a big joke.

Suebob said...

I am going to err on the "she was TRYING to be nice" side of this.

super des said...


Apparantly there were only 3 tomatoes. I didn't look closely enough because I was blinded by rage.

g.r. - she wouldn't get that gesture. let's just say she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

s.b. - that's probably true. that's probably what stopped her from having 3 tomato-sized blotches on her face.

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