Monday, June 12, 2006


In order to respect their privacy, I will keep the names of the parties involved secret.

She noticed they were almost out of chocolate covered espresso beans (CCEB) and mentioned that they should buy more. He said No, I only got them as a treat. I don't want you to get addicted to caffeine.

Rather than try to rationalize with him - I'm not addicted! I can quit any time I want! - she took the other route: I'm already addicted! I need them for work! You don't know what it's like out there! I have to deal with the biggest idiots and try to stretch 2 hours of work into an 8 hour day! I need them!

He realized then that she had a problem, and called her friends and family together to tell her how the CCEB was hurting everybody, including herself. There was much crying and hugging, until finally she agreed that she did have a problem. She promised tearfully that she would never touch the CCEB again, and there was more crying and hugging.

Little did everyone know, she never had any intention of stopping the CCEB. She began to sneak them to work, buying them on the sly instead of the regular shopping day. However, despite her efforts, he noticed one day that she was more hyper than normal and went for her lunch bag. There he discovered proof of what he had suspected; she had never given up the CCEB. He went to her supplier and "coerced" them into promising not to sell to her anymore.

She had friends, though. These friends were willing to ship her CCEB, at great personal risk to themselves. She had the packages delivered to her workplace so he would never see them. But he still had his suspicions. He began waking up early in the morning so he could check her lunch bag before she left for work. Of course, the CCEB had clouded her judgement, and she was soon discovered.

It was time for professional help. He called a specialist in CCEB treatment and agreed the best thing was to cut her off completely, working all the junk out of her system, and forcing her to quit cold-turkey. Arrangements were made for her to go stay at the CCEB detox facility upstate. Her bags were packed and they boarded the train together.

On arrival, they said their goodbyes and she was shown to her room. As the months went by, she was able to distract herself with the various activities offered by the facility, including water sports and arts & crafts. Slowly she realized that she had never "needed" the CCEB, especially when seeing other people with the same addiction and how they had destroyed their own lives. She realized she was very lucky to have friends and family that cared about her so much, and especially him, for his vigilance just showed how much he really loved her.

When she told her clinicians this, they rejoiced. Her return home came soon after, and this time she really did stay away from the CCEB. But, she knew that something must be done because the children of tomorrow would somehow discover CCEB and become dependent on it, just as she had. She is now a motivational speaker, speaking at school assemblies and church meetings, speaking out against the evils of CCEB. She was able to share intimate details of her own life and addiction, impressing the real dangers upon her young audiences. She continues her important work to this day, and is still making a definite and noticable difference in the fight against CCEB.

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