Monday, May 29, 2006

Mecru's new favorite game

We have a decoration that consists of several double-sided, circular mirrors, hanging vertically in line on a string. When the airflow is strong enough, the mirrors spin, casting reflections of light all over the room. Kind of like a less drastic disco ball.

The cat has discovered this, and has made a new game out of it. Whenever he is bored, he sits on the ledge next to the hanging mirrors and swats them, causing them to spin more violently than they would on their own. he then watches the little spots of light dance around. When they stop dancing as much as he likes them to, he hits the mirrors again.

He doesn't try to chase the reflections; he just enjoys watching them. This is all a very clever game that I must admit took some smarts for a cat to figure out, but it is very annoying for us to imagine the mirrors come crashing down (on to the cat). If we didn't stop Mecrutio from making the reflections dance, he would be there all day. This would be fine except for the aforementioned possibilty of breaking the mirrors and the cat. Even if the cat didn't get hurt in the resulting fray, it would be a lot of glass for us to clean up, and we can't replace the mirror thing.

So if you see Mecrutio hitting the mirrors, please politely remind him to stop.

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gandhi rules said...

This mirror needs more support, an extra piece of string?

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