Thursday, May 18, 2006

I have nice toes

Walking from my house to the subway station (about 2 blocks) I received 2 compliments regarding my feet. The best one was "I like your toes, miss." It does sound a little creepy and fetishy, but I purposely wore toe-baring shoes with pretty nail polish. My toenails are currently painted "Senorita Rose-arita" and "White Lights Glitter," which really just look like annoying pink with sparkles. But they are pretty, especially for toes.

Another nice thing about having pretty sparkly nails (and my fingernails are the same color) is that it is easy to distract me from doing my work. You all know how hard that is (she writes as she is blogging at work).

Ooooh, sparkly.

P.S. I like writing really superficial blogs about nothing. When you write as many as I do, they can't all be about deep, philosophical issues.

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Jade said...


I am too scatterbrained to keep more than one blog. I've tried, oh, I've tried. There are about four I can think of right now, floating alone and neglected in cyber space. So, I now "private" the deep brooding "real" stuff, you know, if you can't see it, it isn't there?? lol

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