Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I was bored, so I was reading random blogs. I stumbled across one written by a lady who had just lost her husband / best friend. There were only a few entries, but they made me cry. She kept talking about watching tv by herself, but she knew what her husband would be watching. There were household chores that he used to do, and now she couldn't do them. Every day she cried and wandered around in a daze. She ended each blog entry with the date and "... I still love you Mr. D."

Of course this made me think about what would happen if I lost my husband / best friend. Granted, he's not my husband per se in the eyes of the state, but after 9 years together I would be no less devastated if he were suddenly gone.

These feelings were intensified by the fact that my "husband" is out with his friends celebrating the end of their first year of law school together. I came home early because, like it or not, I still have to go to work tomorrow. As I got on the train, I told Craig to be safe. Last time they celebrated the end of finals (right before xmas) he drank a lot and got sicker than most people that have to be on an early morning cross-country flight tend to be. He also lost his cell phone. Luckily I had the phone number of a single one of his friends, and that friend happened to be where the cell phone was.

Right now, the cat's not even around to hug me. I don't know how he disappears in a 600 square foot apartment, but more often than not, I can not for the life of me locate the cat. It's just as well; last time I saw Mecru he was trying to step on the pictures I just had developed. You know the ones I mean, from our month long cross-country road trip. From August. It is now May and I've just gotten my two rolls developed. Lord knows where Craig's film is so we can develop that as well.

So I will tell you about the pictures. The recurring theme is The Robot. Instead of boring pictures like "here's des in front of Mt. Rushmore. Here's Craig in front of Old Faithful. Here are des and Craig on front of some other crappy touristy thing." the pictures are now "here's The Robot in front of Mt. Rushmore. Here's The Robot in front of Old Faithful. Here's The Robot in front of some other crappy touristy thing." It was really quite a brilliant plan, and the pictures are hilarious. Plus, they bring back memories like the time on the IL state line where there was a trash can lid with a sign: DANGER! BEES! But this didn't stop The Robot. Of course not! Nor did it stop des from putting The Robot very near a hornet's nest (yes, they were hornets, not bees, you stupid Illinoians).

This "daring act" brought one of the tourist-information-ladies out of the Log Cabin of Pamphlets to say "What are you doing? Those are bees!" to which des calmy answered "it's okay, I'm just taking a picture." This went on for a few moments whils Craig tried to keep the camera steady from laughing and des politely told the lady to shove it. Ok, I didn't use those exact words.

Here is the picture:
I had to put in the words on the sign because you couldn't read them, and you can't see any "bees" but you get the idea.

So just think how I would feel if I were to lose my husband / best friend. I could never look at another picture of a robot (or The Robot) again. I don't feel like crying anymore, but I could start again at any moment.

I'm just so darn proud of that Robot.

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