Saturday, April 22, 2006


This is my first post after my friend has left. Back to sunny California, back to her future husband, who is a comic book lover just like her. I would like to point out that while she was visiting New York, it was the most beautiful weather I had ever seen in my 7 months of living here. The first & last days of her trip (airport days) it rained, but other than that, sunny & 72 degrees.

We did all the traditional New York things, like ate at 10 million different restaurants and drank at 5 million different bars. Yeah, we went to the zoo and saw penguins. That warrants an entire blog to itself, which will come soon. And yes, we went to Central Park, as did everyone else in the entire world. Didn't I see you there? We also did the non-traditional New York things, like shopping at the Ghetto Superstore by my house. Actually, I guess this is traditional NY for me.

Following tradition, she also got a tattoo while she was here. This was great for me because I got to check out the parlor I want to go to when I have enough money to get my bat-too. The people were awesome, and so is her new hummingbird.

The rudest person Shmiz met on her adventure in NY was a deaf man in the airport, minutes before her return. He passed out cards & little keychains that we were supposed to buy because he can't hear. As soon as he put them on the table, I promptly gave them back to him. He left more for Shmiz & Craig and motioned he would come back & get them, even though we were motioning (and saying aloud) that we wanted no part of this tomfoolery. As he did not take his cheap plastic crap away from us, and we were eating lunch, the items were moved to an adjacent empty table. When he did return, we pointed to the items that we no longer had fully in our possession. He saw what had happened (you know, moving the cheap plastic crap 1 foot away), and proceeded to whack my friend on the arm and use his deaf man's voice to shout curse words at her. Definitely a new experience for everyone, possibly excluding the deaf man.

All in all, a good trip. As I mentioned, I will post more of the interesting details in separate blogs in the future.

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Glad you had fun!

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