Sunday, April 09, 2006

obligatory sunday post

Today was a nice day so I went to Washington Square Park to read & wait for Craig to finish studying (will he ever truly be finished?). It was very busy in the park, so I did a bit of people watching.

They were shooting a Verizon commercial about 20 feet from me. There were mimes, but no celebs. They didn't ask me to join, and I didn't ask to. What do I care about commercials? I hate them. I don't watch tv at all, specifically to avoid them. We all thought it best if I stayed out of this one.

I had my eye out for celebs, and as always, saw none. I am pretty sure that several walked by, but I didn't recognize them so they are not important. The people I did see fell into roughly 4 categories: People with cameras, strollers, dogs (little AND big), and speaking a foreign language. None of these people were interesting to me.

The thing that was interesting was that for the entire 2 hours I was in my spot, the bench directly to my left was empty except for 2 parties. Both of these parties, though there at different times, had falafel. I didn't know it, but I was sitting next to the Falafel Bench. It made me want some falafel, but I never got any. As a result, I did not sit on the Falafel Bench.
Now I'm going to have to walk by that bench again to make sure that whomever is seated upon it is eating falafel. If not, I believe I have the authority to kick them out of the park. In fact, I name myself Captain of the Falafel Bench. Now I definitely have the authority. I think I will make myself a badge. People might misconstrue me as "the crazy person in the park" but we all know that it is simply not true.

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