Monday, April 03, 2006

NO !!

While I was taking the time to write a nice long blog for you people, an ebay auction ended and I was outbid in the last 2 minutes. Now I don't have really cute pink polka dot shoes for $6. I was the only bidder for several days, then 2 other - shall we say usurpers - came in and stole my shoes. I was going to wear them every day. Sure, I have 2 pairs of pink sneakers, one with velco, one with checkered shoelaces, but neither of them have spots.

Just as well. Guess I shouldn't be complaining about being a broke-ass ho when I'm willing to twiddle my money away on such silly things as shoes. But 6 DOLLARS !?!?


By the way, they sold for 8. I still would have paid that much.


With Love, Fat Girl said...

I feel your pain. I was cheated from a lovely orange jade amulet not long ago by some thieving twat who flew in at the last minute too.

Damn them. I wish you plenty polka dotted shoes in the future.

super des said...

let's riot.

# #