Monday, April 24, 2006


We discovered that the Fat Black Pussycat (a bar) does karoke on Monday nights. We discovered this quite by accident as we went there to lounge in the chaise lounges on what happened to be a Monday. The bouncer mentioned offhandedly "By the way, ladies, there is karoke in the back room." We were so excited, he almost didn't let us in after checking our IDs. I mean there was literally screaming and hopping between Liz & I.
As an added bonus (because we needed a bonus) every time you sang, you received a ticket for half off your drink.

Needless to say, Liz & I sang more songs than anyone else. They didn't have the largest song selection, but of course that didn't stop either of us. They didn't even have my karoke standards. Clearly, we made do.

Liz rocked the house with:
Paradise City
I Will Survive
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
My Way (Sid Vicious)

I knocked their socks off with:
Walking on Sunshine
Like a Virgin

Together we blew everyone away with:
Dont You Want Me?
Walk Like an Egyptian (this was a duet because Lizs original choice Paint It Black was broken, so the DJ figured wed sing mine together.)
Bohemian Rhapsody

I know I sang more than 2 songs by myself, but unfortunately the half off drinks have clouded my memory. I know there were times when the DJ would call my name and I would ask him what I was singing. If I didn't remember then, how can I be expected to remember now, a week later? I also know that at one point I made the DJ stop giving me the drink tickets. We even got home with one drink ticket left over. There were a lot of drinks.

On Thursday, I did a different type of karoke while Liz was with another NY friend. Instead of a "get-on-stage-and-show-off-your-lack-of-talent" kind of thing, it was more of a "put-the-mic-in-the-middle-of-the-bar-crowd-and everyone-will-sing-whether-you-want-them-to-or-not" kind of thing. Still fun. This bar had every song ever written in its selection. No, I take that back there was no "Dont Stop Me Now" by Queen.

Highlights included "I Got You, Craig" by Des & Fudge, "Its Raining Men" by Bryant, and the numerous songs that everyone hugged and shouted the words to. The lawyering professor sang a lot, and we love her for it. The un-highlight of the night was certainly when The Queen of All That is Fat & Loud took over the microphone and screamed - singing would involve pronouncing words - everything she could. It was so bad that we decided to leave before the rest of our songs came up. Apparently so did everyone else because as we stood outside, every other person in the bar filed out. The bouncers were cringing. The bartenders (4 of them!) were cursing the Queen and her friend, the Duchess, for clearing out the bar and thus their business.

All in all, a good karoke week.

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Suebob said...

The Queen of all that is Fat and

You are much braver than me. I don't think I could ever karaoke!

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