Thursday, April 13, 2006

good ol' Charlize

Charlize Theron said this:

"We came up with a new idea that we said that we would get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married - when that right is given to them. We've decided that we're gonna use that in a positive way, so the day that law gets passed then we'll get married."

That's all well and good. I appreciate what she's trying to do, but either she's going to be waiting a long time, or she'll give up and get married before them. Sorry, honey, but you're just not influential enough to sway the country that way. And even if you were, nobody cares if you get married or not. It's not like she's fasting something. No Oscar-winning actress will die if gay marriage is not approved.

No offense to my gay & lesbian friends, but I wouldn't put off my own wedding for this. Maybe if I used what would be the wedding budget to donate to charity or campaign for the cause, then I would not get married. But if she's just waiting until it's legal, that's nothing.

Yet she received an award for that comment. I think the gay & lezbian societies need better choices for awards. They should give me an award. I'm very gay friendly. I even let Dimitri kiss my hand, and he's as gay as a monkey. I love lesbians & gays. There, I said it. I'm even doing the AIDS walk, which has very high numbers in the gay-land.

Now where's my award?

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