Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This is what annoyed me today. (Well one of the things.)

Instead of separating checks from orders, somebody stapled them all together and gave me a big pile. It is not my job to clear up checks OR orders, so I gave the pile to the person who does the checks.

Why are you giving me these? These dont have checks?
I havent gone through the pile. This is how they were given to me.

But these dont have checks.

Fine, as you go through the pile, set aside the ones that dont have checks. I had to put them in numerical order anyway. I didnt sort them because I have my own work to do, and this is someone elses job. It would be easy enough to do; it would just take a long time. The pile had to be sorted into checks & non-checks, the checks had to be copied and matched up with the orders. They then had to be cross-referenced to each other.

She made the copies, then brought MORE piles to my desk, which is already full of the aforementioned work I was doing. She halfway did what she was supposed to, but left me to figure out the rest.

Then, as a closer:
I used all your staples. Youll have to get more.


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